StreamZ™ Live 9000EX | Superior Live Encoding for Premium Multiscreen Operations 


The StreamZ Live 9000EX live encoder is renowned for its superior output quality, outstanding reliability, and flexible, multiscreen output format support. The StreamZ Live 9000EX leverages the power and flexibility of our Zenium™ technology platform and offers high performance, fault-tolerant redundancy and expanded control capabilities for premium multiscreen encoding applications from IPTV and over-the-top (OTT) headends to high-profile live streaming deployments.


  • Superior encoding and streaming quality for engaging audience experiences

  • Fault-tolerant redundancy for critical live and linear applications

  • Rich adaptive streaming (ABR) and multiscreen format support for devices from TVs and PCs to tablets, game consoles and mobile phones

  • Independent management of each active output for unparalleled control

  • Simultaneous file creation for archive or on-demand use

  • Enterprise-class, multi-channel management and automation through StreamZ Live Manage


The StreamZ Live 9000EX – the ideal solution for premium live and linear multiscreen encoding applications

The StreamZ Live 9000EX features rich adaptive streaming format support for reaching viewers on the broadest range of devices, from ‘smart’ TVs and desktop computers to tablets, game consoles and mobile phones.

Supported output specifications include RTMP/RTMPS streaming, HTTP Live Streaming (HLS), Microsoft® Smooth Streaming, SRT, and other live streaming formats. Streams can be output in multiple formats simultaneously to efficiently target multiple audiences from a single unit, with encodes shareable across differing encapsulations for outstanding processing efficiency. The flexible Zenium software architecture enables easy upgrades to support new features, formats and technologies as they emerge, including upcoming low-latency streaming formats awaiting specification finalization.

The StreamZ Live 9000EX gives you exceptional control over your many possible concurrent outputs with sophisticated stream management capabilities. Outputs can be started, stopped, added or removed independently without interrupting other simultaneous outputs – even those from the same input.

The StreamZ Live 9000EX is available in model configurations with one, two or four input channels, with SDI and IP (MPEG Transport Stream) input options today and upcoming uncompressed-over-IP inputs in the future. Cue points and markers can be inserted into outputs to trigger downstream events such as monetization-enabling advertising insertion, while Closed Caption support enables content accessibility and regulatory compliance. Outputs can also be captured to files for archive or on-demand distribution, providing a streamlined path to additional revenue opportunities.



In today’s competitive, fragmented media landscape, quality can make a significant difference in engaging and immersing your audience. The StreamZ Live 9000EX from Antix Digital builds upon the Digital Rapids and Imagine Communications’ tradition of delivering outstanding visual quality to exceed your viewers’ expectations.

Bolstering the StreamZ Live family’s renowned reliability, the StreamZ Live 9000EX adds carrier-grade features such as multiple network interfaces and hot-swappable redundant power supplies.

The StreamZ Live 9000EX can be managed and controlled through an intuitive web interface or through the scalable StreamZ Live Manager multi-encoder management software for multi-channel automation, scheduling, monitoring and failover.